retired couple -
by Roger Chartier

I Want To Retire Soon


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Who wants to work until they drop dead?
I asked that question, and nobody answered.
Captain Roger Chartier at the helm.

Well I'd like to work until I drop dead doing what I like to do for work. That means writing and playing music.

I'd like to have a retirement income, so that If I was ill or not feeling well at some time, I could take a break, and not work at all. I would still have a useable income to pay the bills etc.

I spent last January and February down south in Key West. It was supposed to be a vacation.

Too Much Fun?

I couldn't stand to have fun all of the time, so I wrote on my vacation.
That took up only a few hours in the morning most days.

I know that I can't retire because I love to work.

There are different kinds of work that are really a hobby or a fun task that we would do for no pay at all.

Setting up a retirement plan is the best thing to do for when we get to be that old.

You don't have to stop working, but you should have some income if you need it.